“Come into His presence with singing.” Singing is mentioned at least 121 times in the Bible! It is one of the most important ways we worship God. Additionally, the study of music is shown to promote cognitive development. And besides that, singing is fun!

In Chorus/General Music, students will learn healthy singing technique and skills for life-long singing. In addition to singing music from a variety of musical genres, students will study music theory, including note reading and note value, and ear training and sight-singing, using Solfege and numbers. Study of music history and famous Composers will also be included in this course. Students need not be great singers to take this course – all that’s needed is a love for singing and a desire to be musically literate. Live performances will be the payoff for practice and diligence!


  • A pocket folder
  • Black 1″ 3 ring binder
  • 5 subject dividers for binder
  • Pencil bag & pencils for biner