6th-12th Grade

The science of geography provides a framework for exploring the physical features of the Earth’s surface. Without maps, we would be spatially blind in learning about these physical features. Because of that, we will be learning geography with cartography. We will combine geography and cartography so that students can learn history, timeline, art, features, and cultural studies. The students will answer the questions: “what is where, why there, and why care?”

Being at Renew Academy, we also have the freedom to dive in and discover why God created our world to look like it does. We will look into God’s word and see what he has to say about some of the physical features. In this course, students will also be growing a weekly dictionary of geographical terms such as bay, mesa, strait, steppe, ect. At the end of the course, your student will be able to draw the entire world, label countries, capitals and major features… ALL FROM MEMORY!

Weekly in class, I will introduce the new area, features, and related vocabulary. I will discuss culture, government, history and religion. We will also try to enjoy treats from each area as often as possible. We will also practice drawing our maps and labeling them. More details, terms and features will be expected of high school levels. There will be daily assignments and weekly quizzes. There will be quarterly projects as well.

Course materials:

– 1 in. notebook with 5 tabs

– Colored Pencils

– Pencils

– Pens (Blue/Black/Red)

-Tracing paper

Required text:

Exploring the World Through Cartography