6th-12th Grade

Speech and Debate is an introductory course that covers a variety of styles of public speaking and formal debate. Students will become familiar with these styles through instruction, research, and practice. Each unit will culminate in performance assignments that require students to demonstrate their abilities within the classroom setting. Opportunities to take their knowledge to competition at the local and state level may be made available to students as well through extracurricular programs.

COURSE OBJECTIVES:This course is designed to help students:

1. Gain confidence and experience in public speaking

2. Perform a variety of speeches in class that require expositive, persuasive, debate,parliamentary, and interpretive skills

3. Locate sources through research and differentiate between reliable and unreliable sources

4. Incorporate sources into speeches and conversations in order to support a position

5. Become proficient in research techniques, including Internet research, newspaper research, periodical research, and primary research (interviews)

6. Increase their working knowledge of current events

7. Differentiate between fact, opinion, and fact-driven opinion

8. Develop critical thinking skills and the ability to look at both sides of an issue

9. Develop an appreciation for opposing viewpoints

10. Develop an awareness of posture, vocal quality, personal appearance, and verbal and nonverbal communication in all speaking situations, including personal interviews

11. Exhibit a logical arrangement of ideas in writing and in speech

12. Exhibit the ability to draw logical conclusions from critical evaluation of facts and ideas.