Building on the concepts learned in theatre one, the student will demonstrate proficiency in characterization, diction, memorization, and concentration. Study and deliver monologues and scene work from modern sources as well as Shakespeare sonnets and plays. Perform on various stages to demonstrate mastery of skills. Live performances are required.

Demonstrate proficiency in monologue delivery for audition purposes; develop a working resume for jobs in the theater and learn about various theater-related occupations. Perform one-act plays, musical comedies, and other projects. (This is a course requirement and may be onstage as a performer or in one or more of the areas such as theatrical design, direction and playwriting.). Study the works of selected major playwrights. Classes will feature multiple grades and instruction will be tailored and layered per school year to correlate to the students grade level.

Theatre I and Theatre II can be taken simultaneously for those passionate theatre students. 


  • 1.5 inch 3-ring binder with pockets or pocket inserts 
  • loose leaf paper