Janice Routon

I feel honored to serve God as a history teacher at Renew Christian Academy! It is essential to equip young people with accurate facts and information, but I also plan to highlight historical leaders’ decisions, hoping their choices will serve as models to strengthen character. Studying history can not only initiate self-reflection and build character, but it can deepen understanding and perspectives of today’s society. RCA students may even discover that “nothing is new under the sun” (New King James Version, Eph. 1.9). 

My passion for this subject was nurtured by my dear aunt, Catherine Lankford, who taught American History in the Tennessee public school system for forty years. Because she engrained the importance of studying history in me, I attained a B.A. in history from Birmingham-Southern College. Decades later her impact is still here as I recently enjoyed writing and publishing a historical study guide with Super Summary about the 1930’s Dust Bowl. 

In my thirty-two years as an educator, I taught full-time in elementary school, high school, and college. I also held two positions as Educational Consultant with the State of Tennessee.  Each experience has helped me to better understand how people learn.

I have two happily married daughters, one with a medical degree and a three-year-old, and another with a law degree and nine-year-old twins. 

My interests outside of teaching are fiction writing and music. My interest in writing was sparked as I attained an M.A. in English from Western Kentucky University. I acquired a love of music as a child singing in the choir at First Baptist Church in Nashville and studying piano at Vanderbilt Blair Academy School of Music. My interest in music has never ceased. I have studied castanets for many years, including three years in Barcelona under the private tutelage of Mar Bezana, completing her highest skill level of virtuoso.