It has been said that the ability to use language distinguishes people from animals, and the ability to use words well distinguishes an individual from the crowd.   One’s success (in any field) depends – to a large extent – on skill in using words.  Words are powerful tools; it is impossible to escape their influence.

In 10th grade English/Language Arts, students will embark on a journey of words.  They will explore works of literature from a variety of authors and genres.  Literary analysis will focus on character, plot/conflict, and theme development.  Harkness tables and projects will provide an opportunity for students to practice their discussion and presenting skills. 

Moreover, students will use words to connect what is read to their world with an assortment of formal and informal writing activities.  In addition to putting thoughts on paper, these writing activities will encourage robust vocabulary and hone the mechanics of grammar.


The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald ISBN-13: 979-8405801308

No Fear Shakespeare: Hamlet by William Shakespeare ISBN-10: 1586638440 ISBN-13: 978-1586638443

*All other novels and supplemental reading material provided by instructor.

  • loose-leaf notebook (either wide or narrow ruled)
  • 1 ½, 3-ring binder for loose-leaf paper
  • 8 binder dividers
  • yellow highlighter for annotating
  • black pens / pencils
  • printed copy of book or handout currently being read

$15.00 for Vocabulary Power Plus for College and Career Readiness – Level 10 (RCA will purchase this book in bulk for the students to be reimbursed by the families.)