(Must be taken before Geometry and pass an Algebra readiness assessment)

This class will teach students how to solve linear equations; use units to understand and solve problems; define and use quantities in real-world problems; identify and interpret parts of an expression (i.e. term, factor, coefficient); solve multi-step linear inequalities; rearrange quadratic and exponential factors; identify and interpret tables of values and graphs; create examples of functions using ordered pairs, graphs, and a table of values; use of domain as it relates to functions; graph two-variable linear equations; create and interpret histograms, stem plots, box plots, and dot plots; solve absolute value equations; use of polynomial and quadratic expressions; completing the square in quadratic equations; projectile motion equations; average rate of change; and manipulating radical expressions.


Text: Glencoe Algebra I by McGraw-Hill ISBN: 0-07-825083-8

  • TI-84 Calculator 
  • Graph Paper
  • 1.5 inch 3-ring binder with pockets filled with notebook paper