Culinary Arts is a middle and high school class that will explore cooking and baking techniques while emphasizing safety and sanitation. Students will learn how to read, write, and follow the directions of a recipe. We will incorporate lessons in measurements, converting measurements, knife skills, substitutions/alternatives, meal preparation, budget friendly cooking, healthy eating, food in other cultures. We will also discuss what the Bible says about food.

There will be a service element to this class. When we can, in- class meals that are prepared will be given to a family in the church, school or community that may be in need. Students will build their own recipe binder of all recipes and terms covered. Students will be working in the kitchen both Tuesdays and Thursdays, the majority of the student’s grade will be in class participation during kitchen labs. There will be quarterly projects, where the student will prepare a learned recipe for their family and document the process with pictures or video. At the end of the fall semester, the students will prepare a holiday meal for all Renew staff and teachers. The spring semester final project will be preparing a Passover meal for Renew staff and parents.

70%- Kitchen lab participation

20%- Quarterly projects

10%- Recipe binders-recipe cards and terms


  • 3 ring, 1 inch binder
  • Loose leaf paper
  • 50 Recipe Cards
  • 5X7 recipe card protectors for binder. 15 Protectors. Example below

There will not be a required textbook, all material will be provided by me and available on GradeLink. 

A $100 lab fee will be required.