Journalism I is designed to be an introductory course surveying elements of journalism such as news writing, editing, page layout, and photography. Students will learn the history of journalism, its importance in today’s world, as well as the legal and ethical rules of journalism. Students in journalism will read and discuss current events, both through print and online resources. Students will learn how to prepare for and conduct interviews, write articles for various genres of journalism (news, features, sports, etc.) and edit one another’s work. Journalism I will teach students to understand and apply elements of design, learn the steps of the publication process, and meet publication deadlines. Utilizing many hands-on opportunities to work as a part of a professional team, assignments in class will be used to publish a Student Newspaper, as well as be featured in the RCA Yearbook. 

Materials needed:


Composition Notebook

Pens, Pencils, highlighter

Voice recorder or recording app (for interviews)

Access to a laptop for articles/editing/publication

Access to a camera for photojournalism assignments

The Fallacy Detective – click here for link
High School Journalism: A Practical Guide – click here for link

Lab fee $25 for editing supplies & printing