6th-12th Grade

We have all heard the old song about “A Country Boy can Survive”.

Let’s go a step further: A country boy can not only SURVIVE, he can THRIVE, and it turns out that a country boy can also teach others those skills!

LIFE SKILLS is more than just doing laundry without having your entire wardrobe coming out pink or grey, or how to prepare a meal that is both healthy AND edible…

It is about the freedom and independence that accompanies a trained eye that can analyze an unexpected event and arrive at an effective, SAFE and economical solution… even in an emergency, a clear mind backed by effective training will accomplish great things!

Discussions will be geared to each child’s individual age and maturity level, but will also engage the younger students with the older kids…each group working and learning together in such broad areas as understanding how electricity works, what that “check engine” light really means, and why eggs and meat must be kept in the refrigerator!

We will learn about HOW THINGS WORK, and when to FIX or when to replace… how to iron a shirt, tie a Windsor knot and sew on a button. But, we will also explore how to manage a budget ( even the modest holdings of a 12-yr-old ), and the nature of credit and debt…all from a Biblical and loving perspective.

Our syllabus will be given in intervals throughout our year…each one with a focus on a different area of Everyday Life: DOMESTIC LIFE, SIMPLE MAINTENANCE, AUTOMOTIVE ( Mechanics that apply to everything from bicycles and scooters to changing a tire and replacing a headlight bulb), ECONOMIC PRINCIPLES and FUN TEAM PROJECTS… maybe even a class project or two for a needy family’s wheelchair ramp, for example ).

A typical week ( if such a thing will EVER be achieved ) will have class instruction on Tuesdays and hands-on engagement on Thursday.

SAFETY and CREATIVE PROBLEM-SOLVING will be hallmarks of this class, as will cooperation, teamwork, and the open discussion and understanding of everyday life from a Biblical perspective… of honesty, character, and service to others ALWAYS EARNING HIGH MARKS.

In my long life, I have worked in Farming, Light and Heavy Industry, Mass Communication, Law Enforcement, Precision Instrumentation, Transport, Warehousing and Healthcare Logistics… and in each of those fields I was fortunate to have been trained by some VERY talented men and women, and am thrilled to have to opportunity to pass along some of their lessons to our next generation of American Heroes.

Required materials:

  • 3 Ring, 1 inch binder
  • 4 tabbed dividers- Notes, Projects, Resources, Test/Quizzes
  • Loose leaf paper
  • The majority of the material covered will be taken from “The Useful Book”, other supplemented materials will be provided by me and available on GradeLink. 
  • Safety Goggles
  • Ear plugs
  • Well fitting gloves

$40 Lab Fee