6th-12th Grade

Using my degree in Family and Consumer sciences, as well as my husband’s knowledge and skill in renovating and building custom homes- we birthed this class: Life Skills. In traditional shop classes, as well as home economics, many topics covered are not necessarily useful in everyday life. My husband and I have used our education, observations in our careers, personal experiences in renovating our own 1971 fixer-upper and our hobbies and interests to create a class of unique usefulness. This class will benefit anyone, in any living and life situation, and in any career as well.

Are you confident that when your child leaves your home that they would know how to put out a grease fire in the kitchen? Or that they would know how to cook some staples so they’re not eating Ramen Noodles every night? Will they show up to a job interview with a stain on their wrinkly shirt, because they didn’t know how to treat a stain, properly launder or how to iron? Do they know how to tie a tie? How about making a basic budget and stretching a dollar?

You may think this sounds like a class geared for girls, it is not. Will your sons and daughters be able to know how to make domestic repairs such as patching a hole in drywall? What tool to use and when? How to hang a picture, a shelf, and closet/curtain rods? What about properly prepping a wall or surface for paint, and then know which paint is best to use? Some other handy skills to know are how to troubleshoot plumbing and electrical issues, SAFELY, and be able to know when you can fix them or when you need to call a professional. In this day of age, sometimes it’s tempting to toss a large or small appliance and buy a new one. But what if they were given the confidence in knowing how to fix it? I will sleep better at night knowing my son and daughter can change their own flat tire, jump a battery and basic car repairs.

There will be a syllabus given at the start of each semester. Lessons and instruction will be given one day a week, and the second day of the week will be hands on application. There will be weekly homework assignments, quarterly projects, group projects and quizzes/tests given over the school year. My husband Brad will be helping co-teach on several lessons. There will also be an added opportunity of serving others. Service projects will be done as needs are seen in our school community as well as the church facilities.

Required materials:

3 Ring, 1 inch binder

4 tabbed dividers- Notes, Projects, Resources, Test/Quizzes

Loose leaf paper

The majority of the material covered will be taken from “The Useful Book”, other supplemented materials will be provided by me and available on GradeLink. 

Book requirement: “The Useful Book” by: Sharon and David Bowers

ISBN 978-0-7611-7173-7