This course is an introductory studio course where students will be introduced to the elements  and principles of art and design as they explore an array of media and techniques in 2 and 3  dimensions. We will observe how God ordered the 7 elements and 7 principles of art conveying  His completeness in creating the visual world, and how he arranged the properties of these  elements and principles in groups of 3, reflecting His Trinitarian nature. Primary emphasis is on  developing the student’s observational, perceptual and representational skills. Topics include,  but are not limited to, the introduction of basic design elements and principles, color theory,  art terminology and interpretative analysis of form and content. We will also learn to analyze  art and evaluate it from an aesthetic perspective. 


Sketchbook (sturdy, at least 8×10”) 

Sharpie Black Marker (fine) 

Sharpie Black Marker (extra-fine) 

Package of Colored Sharpie Markers (fine) 

Colored Pencils (24) (Crayola is fine) 

Graphite Drawing Pencils (2B, HB, 4B) 

Pan of Watercolors/brush included 

Kneaded Eraser 

White Plastic Eraser 

Pink Pearl Eraser 

Hand Held Pencil Sharpener 

Rubber Cement 


Container for Materials (small toolboxes work well) 

(OPTIONAL)- Cardboard Portfolio that will fit 18×24” artwork pieces (for protecting and carrying 2  dimensional pieces home to complete) (you can purchase one at Hobby Lobby or you can make  your own. See the link for instructions.) 

*Students should have an old shirt or wear old clothes on studio days that we will be working  with messy materials. I will send an email out to remind students and parents the day before a  studio that would require it. 

A $50.00 lab fee will be required.