As middle schoolers, many students are ready to take ownership of their faith. They’re also intellectually prepared to read the Bible for themselves. This challenging and exciting course will guide students through the genres, timeline, and overarching story of Scripture, while also focusing in on specific texts to teach them how to read according to style, historical context, and structure. Students will use commentaries and even some of the original Hebrew and Greek as they practice interpreting the Bible. They will leave with the skills to continue to read and be transformed by God’s Word for the rest of their lives

Supplies needed:
* ESV student study Bible – click here to view. It comes in various designs and covers, but (whether leather or hardback with flowers) it needs to be the student version. 
* The complete Guide to the Bible by Stephen M. Miller. Click here for the link.
* Rose Book of Bible Charts, Maps, and Timelines. Click here for the link