0.5 credit

Technology is part of everyday life. Each year that goes by, we depend more and more on technology. Even though technology can be overwhelming, it can also be FUN! Welcome to Physical Computing for the Absolute Beginner! The course will use the Circuit Python programming language to program a microcontroller to execute physical outputs.  For example, this microcontroller will be a learning tool for students to program turning on LED lights, making sounds, reacting to touch, and so much more.  The class will be a hands-on class with fun practical applications.  Anyone can take this class from someone who has no experience or knowledge in coding to the student who writes their own codes.  The final exam will be a team-based project that implements all aspects learned in the class that semester.  


  • Windows or Apple laptop
  • Circuit Playground Express – Base Kit – $24.95
  • Based on the student’s project additional resources may be needed.