Students that have successfully completed Spanish I material will build upon their skill set and grow to communicate in the “everyday life” of the Spanish language (doctor’s appointments, technology terms and social media, household living, our city, work environment, art and the news). Our students will be able to understand, interpret and analyze what is heard, read and be able to communicate about a variety of topics. They will also begin to present information, concepts or ideas in context of our daily living in Spanish. They will develop the skill set to investigate, explain and reflect on comparing their culture and language with Spanish speaking culture.


Descubre 1 (Students will finish book from Spanish 1 and then transition into the next through the class.)

Descubre 2017 Level 2 Student Edition

ISBN 10: 1680043226 / ISBN 13: 9781680043228

  • Notebook or binder
  • 500 Index cards
  • 5 individual rings to hold index cards
  • Fine-line color markers, color highlighters, or color pencils/pens. (6-10 different colors.)

-Descubre 2017 Level 2 Cuaderno de Práctica*, by VHL Workbook

ISBN: 9781680046359. Copyright: 1/1/2017

*Please be aware, and make sure you do not buy “Cuaderno de Actividades Comunicativas” as both workbook covers are similar.