We live in an increasingly fragmented and individualistic world. Despite the potential promised by the information age, we are often more isolated, more lonely, and less understanding of others than ever before. History teaches us to empathize with others and to see our own world from fresh perspectives as we develop godly wisdom and compassion. U.S. History explores the key political, religious, social, and cultural events and ideas in the history of the people of the United States. Using primary and secondary sources, we will seek to better understand how and why Americans were able to establish new forms of government, economy, and culture that led to subsequent achievements of such scope and power that the new nation came to be a shining example for much of the modern world.


United States History Student Text 5th Edition (BJU Press): ISBN – 978-1-62856-207-1

United States History Student Activities Manual 5th Edition (BJU Press): ISBN – 978-1-62856-223-1

  • 1” 3-ring binder filled with notebook paper