Charles Valdez

Charles Valdez is a dedicated and passionate educator with over two decades of experience teaching Bible classes at his local church, coupled with several years of substitute teaching in Christian schools. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in History from Pacific Union College and a Master of Arts in Organizational Development and Leadership from Azusa Pacific University, bringing a rich academic background to his teaching career.

Mr. Valdez has spent much of his professional life in the telecommunications industry, where he has honed his leadership skills and business acumen. In 2010, he and his wife relocated their telecommunications company, ITS Resources, from Pasadena, CA to Tennessee, where the company specializes in provisioning 911 call centers across the United States.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, he founded the Agape Agency, providing insurance services in the communities surrounding Thompson’s Station

Beyond his business endeavors, Charles is deeply committed to community service. He has held leadership positions in several non-profit organizations, currently serving as the chairman of Williamson County for Latinos for Tennessee and previously as chairman of the board for GraceWorks Ministries.

Charles and his wife, Shar, are devoted parents to five children: Mahlet (27), Dianna (22), Grayeson (15), Jayden (14), and Caiden (12). This fall, the three youngest will be attending Renew Christian Academy, where Mr. Valdez will be teaching history.

As an educator, Charles is passionate about exploring the impact of historical events on contemporary society, with a strong foundation in Christian values. He emphasizes understanding history through a Christian lens, aiming to inspire his students to appreciate the relevance of history in their lives today.

Charles’s extensive business experience, combined with his dedication to education and faith, allows him to bring a unique and enriching perspective to his role as a history teacher at Renew Christian Academy. Parents can trust that their children will be guided by an educator who is deeply committed to their academic and spiritual growth.